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Nerraw Dream Dictionary

A free and simple dream-related dictionary to define and understand your dreams
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Nerraw Dream Dictionary is not the average dictionary. It is more like a glossary of terms that have a special meaning for those who like analyzing the hidden meaning of what we dream. It is divided into three distinct utilities - the dictionary itself, a set of documents related to dream analysis (including a reference to Sigmund Freud's studies), and your personal dream journal, where you can annotate your dreams for further study.

The glossary allows you to look up those keywords that you believe are important to analyze your dream. The terms may or may be not included in the dictionary, and the only way to find out is by performing continuous searches of those elements in your dream that you consider as key to reveal their meaning. When a term is found, you will be shown a peculiar "definition" of the word, always related to the meaning of that specific keyword in the field of dream interpretation. By looking up all the keywords in your dream and putting them all together, you will be able to make your own analysis of its hidden meaning. Thus, Nerraw Dream Dictionary will not analyze your dreams, but will give you the tools for you to perform your own analysis.

To help you master your dream interpretation techniques, you are also offered a number of reference documents related to dream analysis. These include a text on Sigmund Freud's theories, the basis of dream interpretation, the sleep cycle, or the relationship between dreaming and colors.

Finally, to help you keep track of your dreams, you are given a Dream Journal, which, in fact, is nothing but a Notepad-like window, with basic word-processing functionality. This will let you write notes about your dreams, one after the other, but it will not let you build a dream database or catalog, as it lacks all the basic functionality needed for that.

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  • Simple functionality
  • Interesting (though basic) information about dream analysis


  • It is not possible to know which words are included in the dictionary
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